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Sandnes Garn produce first class, quality pattern booklets. Each pattern is rated either easy, medium or advanced so you know what to expect. Each booklet contains aproximately 13 amazing patterns.

Sandnes Garn's goal is for everyone taking part in the production of their yarn; animals and people, are taken care of in the best possible way. Click here to read more about Sandnes Garn ethics and sustainability goals. 

It is recommended that all hand knitted projects are hand washed.

Images credit: Sandnes Garn

Customer Reviews

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Suzanna Clissold
Stunning sweaters to knit and enjoy wearing.

Recently I ordered the Sandnes Garn Pattern booklet 2019 English. I’ve come across these patterns before and they are gorgeous knits. I was not disappointed with this purchase I want to knit them all. They are timeless, stunning knitted pieces and I was so happy with my purchase. I can’t wait to begin my first project.

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