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The Yarn + Co essentials pack is a specially sourced set of tools and accessories for the modern crafter. Each piece of this pack helps knitters of all skill levels to create (and finish) their latest project.

The pack includes:

  • a set of three darning needles
  • a set of plastic darning needles
  • a selection of stitch markers
  • four straight cable needles
  • three U-shaped cable needles
  • a set of two stitch holders
  • a set of two row counters
  • a set of two point protectors
  • safety scissors
  • a needle gauge
  • non retractable tape measure
  • cute sheep tape measure

All of these items are placed into one small case which fits into most project bags. With the Yarn + Co essentials kit, you'll never be without that critical tool for your latest knit. 

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